IP Phone

IP Telephony ( BTEL )

Information Services Network Ltd (ISN) launches BTEL, its first Internet Protocol Telephony Services in Bangladesh.

ISN announces the IP Telephony communication services, Branding ' BTEL' into Bangladesh market. Information Services Network Ltd (ISN) combines voice, data and Internet services over the same connection for maximum value and flexibility.

BTEL is a fully managed business phone system and Internet solution that provides everything a business needs - equipment, installation, maintenance, support, updates and more. It also provides a converged communication solution that combines voice services and Internet over a single IP connection utilizing a customer's existing phone system, therefore, eliminating the expense of purchasing new equipment.

With all of its next-generation data products, BTEL strives to develop advanced business solutions at an affordable price and it is going to offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional voice and Internet services in Bangladesh market.